One Piece Is Getting Its Own Card Game

One Piece Card Game Could Be a Big Seller for Bandai

One Piece is getting its own card game. The famous anime is officially going to join in on the gaming industry’s card collecting craze. Bandai shared a reveal trailer for their upcoming One Piece Card Game.

As seen in the trailer, multiple characters from the manga and anime are going to be made into cards. Fans can now purchase and collect cards that feature their favorite characters, such as Luffy.

one piece is getting its own card game

The One Piece Card Game is due to launch in Japan this July. However, a worldwide English release has already been scheduled later this fall or winter season.

The artwork for the One Piece Card Game was directly taken from the manga. However, there will be new artwork that is going to be based on Zoro, Trafalgar Law, and Sabo. Devs are going to simultaneously sell all of the cards with four starter decks and booster packs. The starter decks will be based on the Worst Generation, the Animal Kingdom Pirates, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and the Straw Hat Crew.

Both devs and fans are well aware that trading card games can be very lucrative. The community will just have to take a look at the success of Yu-Gi-Oh and the Official Pokemon Trading Card Game. These collectible cards rank in millions of dollars each year. Plus, many cards are now highly in-demand collector’s items. In fact, uncommon Pokemon cards are worth thousands of dollars in the market.

The One Piece franchise has been in the manga world for 25 years. At this point, it has amassed a huge selection of fan-favorite characters. The series has a wide variety of characters that its community has come to love. With that said, the gaming community expects the One Piece Card Game will be a big seller for Bandai.

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