The Quarry Is a ‘Mathematical Nightmare’ With 186 Different Endings

The Quarry Didn’t Want to Make the Game Too Big 

The Quarry is an upcoming choose-your-own-adventure horror game from Supermassive Games. Players will have so many permutations to experience with the game having almost 200 different endings.

According to multiple reports, the game will have specifically 186 endings. The permutations will come into play based on the choices that players make. Some of them may differ slightly with just some changes to the characters’ dialogue. However, there will be much bigger consequences as well. An example of this will be deciding which counselors will end up surviving their night of horror.

the quarry 186 endings

With so many possible encounters, The Quarry Director Will Byles has admitted that it was quite a challenge for them to work on its development. “It really is a mathematical nightmare,” he said. “As soon as you branch, that is two completely different routes.

We have to look at how we make a genuinely branching game without making it so ridiculously huge that it is unplayable or unmakeable,” he added.

Because of this there will be “ridiculous amounts of data.” To get around this, in-game choices will vary from big to small. The big ones will massively affect the story. Players will only know about these huge effects after the fact so that they are not influenced in their gameplay.

You never know when that is going to come up,” he continued. “You are never warned about it and it might seem trivial, but it is a big deal.”

This suggests that, depending on the decisions The Quarry players make, the entire cast may wind up dead by the end of the game. The game’s Deluxe Edition has a Gorefest Movie Mode that will ramp up all in-game death scenes. Conversely, it is also possible for every single counselor to make it out of the camp alive.

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