Meteora, Space Action Game, Speeding into Beta Testing April 20th

High Speed Space Action

Soaring through space at insanely high speeds. It’s not only a meteor flying through space, it’s you. Today indie game developer Big Boot Games announced that their space action game, Meteora, is entering a closed beta test on Steam as of April 20th. The game is a mix of space racing, and survival action, and is inspired by classic space cinematography. 

Meteora lets players become a meteor. As in, you play as a rock hurtling through space at insanely fast speeds. Players will attempt to survive constant interstellar action as they hurtle through space-zones. Use your meteor powers to dodge, chase, and crush other meteors so that you can gain new abilities to survive even more space events. Furthermore, players can take part in meteor showers, decipher electromagnetic mazes, and try their very best to survive the journey. 

Meteora takes inspiration from classic space cinematography and science documentaries. Additionally it combines realism and fantasy to create a distinct and vibrant art style. A gameplay trailer from February shows off this style as well as some of the gameplay fans can expect. Players can view some of the power ups, meteor races and showers, and more. Furthermore, the trailer shows off the mix of interstellar hell and the calmness of the void. 

Meteora enters closed beta on April 20th, 2022 on Steam. Additionally, a free-to-play demo is currently available for play on Steam. Prepare to experience over 50 levels of interstellar action as you explore space. Are you ready to experience the galaxy as a meteor?