Crusader Kings 3 Turns Its Attention to Spain and Portugal

Crusader Kings 3’s Fate of Iberia Expansion Is Heading to Spain & Portugal

Crusader Kings 3’s next DLC is heading to Spain and Portugal. Paradox will focus on these two countries for the game’s Fate of Iberia flavor pack.

The fact that it is going to be a flavor pack somewhat suggests that the DLC will mostly bring new cosmetics. However, like the franchise’s Northern Lords DLC, Crusader Kings 3’s Fate of Iberia is going to be more than just a bunch of new character art and unit designs.

crusader kings 3 spain and portugal

Once the DLC is live, Crusader Kings 3 players can also access a new struggle system, a pair of new dynastic legacies to pursue, as well as more cultural traditions that are going to be specific to the Iberian peninsula.

This is a welcome change after the game’s relatively meaty Royal Court expansion. Royal Court allowed players to rule from within a customizable throne room. They were even given the opportunity to create their own cultures with different types of game-changing traits.

Unfortunately, Crusader Kings 3 did not go into further detail about this new struggle system. However, it looks like it will flesh out “the unique historical circumstances that typify regions that have been centers of conflict.”

It seems that the Fate of Iberia DLC will not be exclusive to dynasties mucking around in the region. “In Fate of Iberia, players will have new tools to deal with the region’s particular situation with rival claims and personal grudges taking center stage amidst the vibrant cultural mosaic of medieval Spain,” devs wrote.

Crusader Kings 3’s upcoming DLC is due to launch on May 31st. Fans who do not want to shell out for more content can opt to take advantage of a free update. After all, most of the series’ expansions release with a free update that includes some of its features.

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