Zombie Rollerz Launches Itself Onto Switch and PC Today

Pinball vs Zombies 

The zombies have come for Switch and PC players. Zing Games unique pinball, tower defense, roguelike game, Zombie Rollerz, is available today on Nintendo Switch and PC. A press release provides more details about the latest version of the game. Additionally, the press release provides info on the features of the game. 

Zombie Rollerz takes a roguelike approach to tower defense games with a pinball twist. Players choose from ten different heroes to play as they make their way through four different worlds featuring plenty of zombie-filled levels. Additionally, the game adds features of roguelike games. As players advance they will find different upgrades, skills, and trinkets, that you may combine to discover new combos. Of course, this variety means that no two runs will be the same. In addition to fifty types of adorable, yet hungry, zombies players will also face boss fights that will surely test their pinball skills. As well, the world’s levels are all random. Every time you begin a run you will encounter levels you may never have before. This ensures there are always new challenges for players to face. 

The launch trailer for the game gives players a glimpse of the art style. Additionally, the trailer shows off the action-packed pinball gameplay elements. 


Zombie Rollerz is available today on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Currently, the game costs $17.09. Are you ready to test your pinball abilities and fight some zombies? Do you think you have what it takes to stop the hordes?