Bore Blasters Gets Mining This March

It’s Time to Mine 

Clearing out mines has never been so fast-paced. It’s almost time to trade the pickaxe in for a high-powered machine gun. Luckily, heavy ammo makes any Dwarf smile. Today,  8BitSkull is happy to announce that their roguelike mining game, Bore Blasters, is coming to PC via Steam on March 8th. Inviting players to a 2D adventure into the very core of the world, players hop in a Dwarven gyrocopter and begin mining. Only, this time the mining is done by gun. Of course, a new trailer provides players with a better look at the game. 

Bore Blasters

Bore Blasters allows players to become a Dwarven miner. Tunneling deep into the earth with a machine-gun armed gyrocopter, players will become one of several dwarves. Importantly, the game combines roguelike elements with exploration and action to create a unique experience. Interestingly, players can work their way through rock and stone like any true Dwarf, unlocking new upgrades and characters within a steampunk world. Each unlockable character comes with their own unique abilities that can alter the way the short, 10-15 minute runs, turn out. Of course, one major draw of the game is its approachability.

Unlike many roguelikes, the progression that players earn doesn’t get lost for failing or needing to quit a run. In fact, all the rewards players earn during the run will stack and carry outside of the run. Additionally, players will be able to upgrade their gyrocopter to better handle the mining and the threats they will face beneath the ground. 

Players can get a better look at Bore Blasters in the new trailer. Check out the trailer below.

Bore Blasters is releasing to PC via Steam on March 8th.