Demon Spore Unveils Horrific Trailer With Next Fest Appearance

A Growing Threat 

Sometimes science doesn’t stop and think about the ramifications of their experiments. When that happens, things get really deadly, really quickly. In this case, it gets real spore-y. Today, DinoBoss Ltd. and Null Games released a new trailer for their action-horror roguelike, Demon Spore. Inviting players to a new demo at Steam Next Fest, the game allows players to enter a lab festering with demonic tentacles. Importantly, the game combines roguelike elements  with horrific adrenaline-pumping action, all wrapped up with a top down shooter bow. Of course, a new trailer gives players a glimpse of the horrific action that awaits them. 

Demon Spore

Demon Spore places players in the lab coat of a terrified scientist. Attempting to escape a lab after an experiment gone wrong, players will meet a monstrous mass of flesh and tentacles that is spreading throughout the laboratory. Inspired by 80’s horror, like “The Thing”, players will experience a top down adventure through the lab. Of course, in order to survive, players are going to need to gather gear. However, nowhere is safe. This leads to difficult choices where players must calculate the risk and reward of their actions. Do you risk venturing into a room that you may not be able to get out of with the promise of better equipment?  Do you rescue a fellow scientist or leave them to their fate?

Of course, players can check out the new trailer for a glimpse of the game. Additionally, players can also try the demo at Steam Next Fest. The demo allows players to explore all of the first floor of the lab. Check out the trailer below.

Demon Spore is currently in development, set to release in 2024. A demo is available on Steam.