Zet Zillions Playing its Cards to Release May 2024

Navigate Space

The galaxy is a pretty big place. It’s full of places to explore and things to collect. The galaxy is also full of cards to collect and strategies to develop as it so happens. Today, publisher Raw Fury and developer OTA IMON Studios is happy to announce a new single-player roguelike deckbuilder, Zet Zillions, is set to release on May 23rd. Introducing players to a story-driven roguelike experience, the game allows players to develop their very own strategies and take part in fast-paced card battles. Of course, the game also invites players to explore and interact with a diverse cast of characters. 

Zet Zillions

Zet Zillions places players in the space suit of Foam Gun as she commands her planet ship: Baby Violence. In the vacuum of space, players will travel from planet to planet exploring for a new home for humanity. Interestingly, players can develop their own playstyle as they battle across the galaxy. Importantly, with over 100 different fusion combinations, players can construct their own deck and battle the foes of humanity in fast-paced card combat. In fact, players can upgrade cards by combining two other cards which will increase the power of their arsenal. Of course, travelling the galaxy in search of a new home means you are bound to run into some great and dangerous characters.

Obviously, not every planet is going to be keen on invasion. As such, players will have to be ready to fight. Check out the combat and art style of Zet Zillions in the release date trailer below.

Of course, Zet Zillions is set to release on PC via Steam on May 23rd.