Sadako Crawls Out of the Well in Dead By Daylight

A Tide of Rage 

The survivors of Dead By Daylight have dealt with a lot. Chainsaw wielding maniacs, harpoon shooting gunslingers, Michael Myers… But now they face a whole new kind of supernatural threat. Today, Behaviour Interactive’s hit asymmetric horror introduces its latest chapter: The Ringu Chapter. Inspired by the Kōji Suzuki novel of the same name, the new chapter introduces both a new killer and survivor. A press release about the chapter provides details about both new characters but specifically the, exciting, new killer: The Onryo, Sadako. 

Dead by Daylight Ringu

The induction of Sadako into the game brings some major changes. Killer mains now have a relatively mobile, stealthy, killer who also brings a new form of sacrificing survivors. Survivors themselves need to rethink their survival strategy and be even more wary of the map. TV’s that are now littering each map Sadako appears on provide a form of transport for her and a new threat to survivors. As she crawls out of the TV’s she will apply Condemned progress to survivors nearby. If a survivor’s condemnation meter fills up, they can be killed instantly by Sadako when downed. 

““New Killers joining the Fog must be fun to play, and fun to play against. In that sense, I think we really went above and beyond with Sadako Rising. Whether playing as Sadako or as Yoichi, fans will have to beware of new tactics and new techniques that will change the way they attack or escape.” Says Dead By Daylight’s Creative Director, Dave Richard.

Sadako was left for dead at the bottom of a well. Now, she is entering the fog with nothing but fury to give the survivors. Additionally, alongside the new chapter, comes the Sadako Rising Bundle. The bundle contains new cosmetics including a rare cosmetic for the killer herself. The tide is rising survivors. Sadako has come.