Risk of Rain 2’s First DLC Is Out Now

Risk of Rain 2 DLC, Survivors of the Void, Is Out Now

Risk of Rain 2’s first DLC, Survivors of the Void, is out now on PC. The DLC adds two Survivors, an alternative endgame boss, five new stages, an endless mode battling against progressively tougher monsters, and more.

Duncan Drummond, co-founder of Hopoo Games, had this to say bout the expansion:

“One of our key design pillars on Risk of Rain 2 was to ensure that no two runs of Risk of Rain 2 are the same, and that’s never been more true than in Survivors of the Void. This expansion crams more content than we’ve ever included into Risk of Rain 2. I can’t wait for players to get their Corrupted-Void Fiend-hands on Survivors of the Void and to see how our community combines all these new items, abilities, and Survivors to shake up the game!”

Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend


Here are the key features of the Risk of Rain 2 DLC:

  • Two Survivors, the powerhouse sniper Railgunner and the corrupt combatant Void Fiend, join Risk of Rain 2, each with unique mechanics and playstyles.
  • Five new stages give players more to explore and enjoy.
    • The all-new Aphelian Sanctuary, Sulfur Pools, Siphoned Forest, a Void stage, and an endgame stage offer new terrain to traverse and secrets to discover.
  • A wave-based horde mode, the Simulacrum is set within the Void simulation and only ends once players have been defeated. Team up in multiplayer and take on enemies of progressively increasing difficulty levels. As long as one person in the party survives by the end of the wave, the whole group revives to face the next challenge.
  • 40 new items add more variety to Risk of Rain 2’s nearly limitless combinations. Eighteen items are “normal,” with fourteen of these items also having a corrupted Void version.
    • A twist on existing items, Void Items corrupt all items in the same item class and change up their effects in the game. Typically, they become a more powerful version of the standard item, but make sure to read carefully as some of them have unique effects!
    • Additionally, three new interactables create a dynamic experience by affecting the items you can use and encounter.

Risk of Rain 2

  • With nine new monsters, two new bosses, and two new Elite types, Survivors of the Void presents many unfamiliar threats to players. Whether you’re facing the fearsome (but adorable) blob Gup or a mysterious, crustaceous foe, learn their behavior to find the best strategy to take them down.
  • An alternative endgame boss that completes the Risk of Rain 2 experience by expanding on the story and lore.
  • New music from Risk of Rain 2’s composer Chris Christodoulou brings the deadly-but-incredible world of Petrichor V to life (or death).

This sounds like a must-buy if you are a fan of Risk of Rain 2. Just more of everything that makes the third-person roguelite great.

Source: Press Release