New Studio Joins the PlayStation Fold

Montreal-Based Studio Is Officially Welcomed to PlayStation Studio Family

Hermen Hulst, the PlayStation Studio head, has announced today that there is a new studio becoming part of the PlayStation studio family.

haven studio

The Montreal-Based Studio, headed by Jade Raymond, is now officially part of the Sony team. Raymond has a lot of experience under her belt. She is one of the people who had helped found Ubisoft Toronto. And too, she has been a producer not only behind the Assassin’s Creed series but Watch Dogs and Far Cry 4. While the news of Raymond establishing Haven Studios came out last year, it was thought it would be an independent venture, though with PlayStation investment.

But now officially, PlayStation has confirmed that Haven Studio is an acquisition.

Though there has not been a game that has officially been released by Haven- not yet at least- there is a hint of what might be part of the new IP. One of the things stated is that the new IP has a “AAA multiplayer experience”. Hulst also states that PlayStation has had  “the privilege of working closely with Haven this past year and have been impressed by the studio’s growth and progress.” and that they “can’t wait to see what the future holds for Haven Studios“. which may mean that there is a game franchise in the works.

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Jade Raymond does go into more details in her part of the announcement, stating “Our first new IP for PlayStation is on track to deliver a AAA multiplayer experience with a vision to build a systemic and evolving world focused on freedom, thrill, and playfulness that will keep players entertained and engaged for years.”

Raymond also states that “we will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned development teams, including studios like Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, and Insomniac Games“.

So while there have been no games confirmed-not yet- it does look like Haven Studios is working hard behind the scenes, and may be collaborating with big-name studios in the future. Whatever comes, we’re looking forward to seeing the next Haven Studio reveal!