FAIRGAME$ Is Waging a War on the Rich

The IRS But Cooler

Last week during the PlayStation Showcase, Haven Studios debuted a first look at their first game. FAIRGAME$ is described as a “thrilling competitive heist game” where players steal from the rich and… well, we’re not really sure what they do with the money, but it’s probably altruistic, right?

In 2022, Haven Studios was officially acquired by Sony. As far back as 2021, they have been working on a “new IP” for PlayStation, and it looks like this is what they have been waiting to show off. If you are reminded of games like Payday and Watch Dogs, you aren’t the first. While there appear to be similarities based on the cinematic trailer, it is going to combine elements that make something fresh (hopefully).


The anarchistic motivations and inspired tech of Watch Dogs 2 mixed with the operations of Payday is pretty cool. However, Haven Studios is making an even more ambitious move with the competitive aspect. FAIRGAME$ will have multiple teams converging on the same objective and fighting for the payout.

Obviously, this is just the cinematic trailer and does not reflect what the game will actually be. If the game really captures the tone set by the trailer, we could be in for something quite nice.

FAIRGAME$ does not have a release date, but will be coming out for PC and PS5.

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