Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Will Launch in June

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Is Coming on June 30th

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak devs have just confirmed that the expansion is going to launch on June 30th. Capcom made the official announcement during a live stream presentation today.

Launching on PC and the Switch, the DLC will bring a new story, new location, new monsters, and a set of new Master Rank challenge quests. Fans can get the standard version for $39.99 and the deluxe edition for $49.99. The latter will feature layered armor sets, hair styles, and gestures.

monster hunter rise sunbreak release date

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak fans will need to free up 13GB of storage space on their devices to be able to house a software update for the game. There will also be a bundle with the base game together with the expansion. This bundle is perfect for gamers who are coming to Rise fresh. Moreover, devs will also be releasing physical editions of the game, including the DLC.

The game will feature both new and returning monsters. The Fanged Beast Garangolm will attach with both water and fire elements. The Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron will sheath its body in ice as a body armor. The Blood Orange Bishaten will try to cause damage players with exploding pine cones. And lastly, the returning Astalos will generate electricity to power its attacks.

According to Capcom, fans who play the base version of the game will have a leg up to prepare for the challenges that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will bring. Devs are going to give out powerful Defender series weapons for all 14 weapon types, the Black Belt hunter armor, as well as the Guild Cross set for harvesting items.

The new hub Elgado Outpost will come complete with new NPCs, quest givers, and other items that players will need for their monster-hunting. It is described as a “bustling port with lots of trade.” Quests from the Outpost are going to send players out into the Citadel, which, in turn, will feature a variety of biomes “from lush forests to icy mountains.”

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