Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC Will Launch Summer 2022

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Will Be Out Sometime in Summer 2022

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the Nintendo Switch exclusive’s brand-new expansion, has officially been announced by Capcom at the latest Nintendo Direct presentation. This DLC, Nintendo has dubbed as “massive,” will be rolled out to Switch and PC consoles.

A reveal trailer was also shared on social media, and the game has been confirmed to include new locales, stories, and monsters. Although it was not shown in the trailer, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will reportedly feature quest ranks and hunting actions.

monster hunter rise sunbreak release

As featured in the debut trailer, an eerie new setting serves as a backdrop to a menacing new monster,” read the official press release. “More on this new monster and other exciting new gameplay details in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be shared soon.”

Capcom has also revealed on social media that they will be giving their fans more information about the game in their upcoming TGS stream, which has already been scheduled to take place on September 30th at 6am PT. “Tune in to the Monster Hunter Spotlight at TGS 2021 for additional news on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!” wrote the devs.

Unfortunately, there is no further information about the game on the official Capcom blog. However, the blog does tease that the game will have more content soon, including another welcome collaboration with an outside Capcom franchise. It is worth noting that the game had already had partnerships with Mega Man and Street Fighters in the recent months.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the game’s latest expansion, which followed the success of the multi-million seller earlier this year. With that said, fans of the franchise cannot wait for the game to be officially released to the community sometime in summer of 2022.

Taking a look at the recently shared Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer, it would seem that fans can expect a lot of dragons within the game.