Holomento, Perma-Death RPG, Coming to Early Access April 27th

Pull No Punches

Before you lies a massive world to explore. Not only explore, but help rebuild. A world where death has consequences. Deck13 Interactive’s perma-death action RPG, Holomento, is coming to Steam Early Access on April 27th. A press release provides details on the game and its features. Additionally, a teaser trailer gives players a look at the art style and action. 

Welcome to Eventide-Hollow. A place suffering from the effects of a terrible curse. The curse, as well as, the protection from the curse all stem from the Holomento. The game places players in the well-worn shoes of different travelers passing through Eventid-Hollow. However, the curse makes travelling dangerous, and Holomento doesn’t play nice. If your character dies, it is permadeath, they are gone and you will become another traveler. Yet, as each different traveler you may upgrade Eventide-Hollow and repair it for travelers to come, thus adding roguelike elements to the game. You must venture forth, slay enemies, restore the Hollow, and break the curse. 

A teaser trailer gives players a great glimpse of the gameplay and art style. In addition to the action combat, the game is vibrant with various biomes. From dark mountains, to colorful fall forests, there is a great deal to explore on a massive overworld. Additionally, as you explore you will discover dungeons , quests, new resources and much, much more. 

Holomento is coming to Steam Early Access on April 27th. The Early Access version will contain hours of content for players to explore. So, are you ready traveler? Set forth and restore Eventide-Hollow.