Everspace 2: Embark on an Immersive Interstellar Ride on August 15

Discover the Universe in Everspace 2

Everspace 2 is finally arriving on 15 August 2023 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox series S/X. It will take you on an immersive interstellar journey by navigating a vast sci-fi narrative that stretches across numerous solar systems. Play as Adam, a former military clone pilot endeavoring to locate his purpose in the universe.

Everspace 2

Players will get the opportunity to travel to over 100 well-designed locations by controlling one of nine distinct categories of spacecraft. The sites are filled with vibrant colors, Outlaw bases, and extraterrestrial lifeforms adrift in space. It also has ancient structures, ruined starbases, and a wide range of things to discover.

The gameplay is everything in Everspace 2. That is because of the huge main campaign and many side quests waiting to be explored. Players can spend more than a hundred hours digging up all the secrets in the game. The developer, ROCKFISH Games has put more focus on the flight mechanic. It is vital for such games that the flight feels right.

Things get really cooler from here on. The developer designed this game with the DualSense controller features in mind. They are utilizing haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and speaker according to the situation. Players will get an immediate response when activating devices and consumables, speaker notifications when cycling weapons, etc. This will allow players to be more immersive in the game. It will feel as if you are the captain of our own spaceship.

There is a total of nine different spaceships and we can purchase them from the ship dealers in-game. Each ship has its own play style and ultimate abilities. From firing lightning attacks to huge destructive blasts, these ultimates make the game more satisfying. So hold tight, the real space adventure is about to begin.