Holomento Releases Massive Evenfall Update

Rebuilding a World Lost

Restoring a town isn’t easy. Especially when there are monsters all over a vast and dangerous continent that want you dead. It’s time to become a hero, again, and again. Today, Deck13 is happy to announce a massive new update for their permadeath RPG, Holomento. The update, titled Evenfall, is introducing a great deal of new content to the already large game. Of course, a press release provides more details on the game itself and the Evenfall update. Furthermore, a new update trailer provides a look at everything to come in the new update. 


Holomento introduces players to a vast world where their quest is ongoing. You arrive in the land of Eventide Hollow, it has been suffering under a terrible curse. Every character you make will adventure across an ever-changing landscape full of towns you may rebuild, and endless gear, weapons, and knowledge. Of course, you will be met with dangerous enemies who will make every fight a fight to the death where losing means you lose your character. Death means, making a new adventurer and working to save the Hollow. Yet, the past impacts of previous characters may stand the test of time. 

The Evenfall update is bringing even more to the lands for players to explore. Players can now experience the Traveler’s Guild, improved combat, new crafting and building systems, and even more changes that completely change the game for the better. Players can check out the update’s trailer for a better look at all that is coming with the update. 

Holomento is available on Steam Early Access. So, are you excited for the new update?