Guild Wars 2 Has a Glitch That Turns Players Into Long Cats

Guild Wars 2 Fans Don’t Want Devs to Fix the Long Cat Glitch

Guild Wars 2 players are being transformed into cats with long bodies. A couple of years ago, the game was infiltrated by giant felines. It was an intentional April Fools joke. Now, however, players are experiencing something that ArenaNet may have not intended.

It seems to be a bug that arrived with the game’s most recent update. The latest patch marks the beginning of the game’s Super Adventure Festival event. In-game characters look normal at first, until players try to equip them with the light armor version of the Reality Rig Mk2 festival armor. After doing so, they turn into ridiculously stretchy cats.

guild wars 2 glitch

So far, Guild Wars 2 are having tons of fun with the glitch. The game’s official subreddit is currently filled with different videos, GIFs, and images of their long cats. Some fans even used the bug to do fun cosplays of cartoon characters.

This particular Guild Wars 2 glitch has become so popular within its community. In fact, many of its players have even called for the devs to make it an official tonic. Tonics are in-game consumables that can transform characters in various ways.

Please please keep it,” one fan wrote. “Make it a tonic or something.

Please make it a feature,” wrote another. “I have no reason to acquire the thing if this is not how it is intended to be.”

Please do not patch it yet, keep it for a while!” asked another. “Better yet, can we get a long novelty?”

It is a relatively non-invasive bug that Guild Wars 2 fans have come to love. However, devs have already taken to social media to confirm that they are currently working on a fix, much to the community’s dismay.

I am sorry to inform you,” devs wrote on social media. “We are working on a fix for that.

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