Rainbow Six Siege Gets Rick & Morty as New Operator Skins

Rainbow Six Siege Players Are Getting Rick & Morty as New Operator Skins

Rainbow Six Siege is getting Rick and Morty via two Operator skin bundles. The franchise has always had cool skins since launch. However, this crossover is special, especially for the game’s following and Adult Swim fans.

Doc will be getting Rick, while Fuze will be getting Morty. Although this is not the first time that the comedic duo crossed over with Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, these upcoming Operator skins will be different from previous ones. Fans think that the masks for each Operator are relatively upsetting to look at. After all, they will feature expressive, yet frozen faces.

rainbow six siege rick and morty new operator skins

In addition to the skins, the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege bundles will also include “exclusive Operator Card backrounds.” Previous bundles featured a Mr. Meseeks hoodie and a Pickle Rick charm. Now, players can get access to the whole squad of Adult Swim staples.

The gaming community saw Rick venturing into the Fortnite franchise in Chapter Season 7. It was even considered as one of the best Fortnite skins last year. Now, Rainbow Six Siege fans can enjoy the characters as well.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of Ubisoft’s biggest success stories in the recent years. Although it got a mixed reaction from the gaming public during its 2015 debut, it has received a lot of impressive support since then. In fact, it now has over 70 million players.

Clearly, Ubisoft has a lot planned when it comes to expanding the Rainbow Six Siege franchise. Devs are reportedly set to bring the shooter to the mobile gaming industry. According to multiple reports, the rumored game is due for announcement as soon as next week. Furthermore, devs also followed up the franchise with Extraction which launched in January.

Outside of Rick and Morty, Rainbow Six Siege also recently welcomed characters from other gaming franchises, namely Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Jill from Resident Evil.

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