Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Operator Is Going to Be Azami

Rainbow Six Siege Devs Confirm That the Next Operator Will Be Azami

Rainbow Six Siege is soon getting Azami as its new Defender. The Operator will be joining the roster in Y7S1 Operation Demon Veil. She is bringing an innovative ability that has apparently been in development for over a year.

Azami’s stint in security in the private sector has massively assisted her in honing her skills. Her full name is Kana Fujiwara and she was heavily inspired by private security forces in the country. She will be sporting a sleek full black attire. A shining blue blazer with intricate gold art on one side accentuates her look.

rainbow six siege next operator azami

This Rainbow Six Siege character will be using kunai knives to deploy her signature ability, the Kiba Barrier. This serves as a bulletproof surface that she can deploy at any location within the map.

There are two separate chemicals that form this barrier. The kunai kinives release the gases and form the barrier after hitting a surface. It creates a decent-sized circle. It will allow her her create new defenses useful for the whole team. The barrier can fortify their weaker walls as well as add protection to other Defenders.

However, Rainbow Six Siege players should be aware that the barrier can be destroyed by explosives and three consecutive melee attacks from a nearby attacker. Azami may be very useful in tight spaces, but she does fall a bit short when it comes to long distance attacks. With that said, players might want to use her to secure nearby areas. By doing this, their Attackers act somewhat unnaturally. Players can then take them out more easily.

Ubisoft’s announcement about the new Rainbow Six Siege Operator is hardly a surprise for fans. After all, reports of her joining the roster have previously been making their rounds on the Internet.

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