Rainbow Six Siege Hires a New Creative Director: Alexander Karpazis

Could This Be a New Era for Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege is over six years old at this point (it reaches seven years this November. Yes, it’s that old), but that doesn’t mean it’s not seeing a ton of new content. The game’s more than proven itself as something capable of going for another few years, and even inspired a spin-off title: Rainbow Six Extraction.

To that end, Ubisoft is proving their long-term devotion to the project by hiring a new creative director: Alexander Karpazis. He’ll be replacing Leroy Athanassoff, when he eventually steps down. Karpazis has had plenty of time to familiarize himself with Rainbow Six’s style, acting as an art director for the past six years.

Operation Shifting Tides

If you felt that Rainbow Six has been going in the wrong direction as of late, this could be the best chance you’ll get to see a course-correction. A new director brings a new set of values and passions to the table, ones that will inevitably translate into the game. Other long-standing franchises with multiple creative directors (Pok√©mon comes to mind) often have fans eagerly awaiting who’ll be working on the next big project, to gage what it’ll feel like on release. And because those differences are often so noticeable, it’s likely that we’ll see a similar shift in Rainbow Six as development moves along.

What do you think? Does this move bode well for the future of Rainbow Six? What do you think we’ll see as the game moves into a new direction, if anything? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!