Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Trailer Shows off New Canthan Location

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons’ Trailer Introduces Shing Jea Island

The Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion will be launched to the gaming public in February of 2022. Thankfully for fans who think that is too long of a wait, ArenaNet has just released an official trailer for the game, showcasing one of the new Canthan locations that will be part of the upcoming expansion.

Described as “a harbor of tranquility and peace,” Shing Jea Island is located southwest of Cantha, and will be home to lush vegetation and Asian-themed bridges, temples, and pagodas. The main feature of the area is the Shing Jea Monastery, which is believed to be where “many of Tyria’s greatest heroes began their journeys.”

guild wars 2: end of dragons expansion shing jea island

Being the home to the Empire of the Dragon, the expansion’s title of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is deemed most fitting to conclude this arc of the franchise’s story. Players will be making their way through mountainous terrain and vibrant green jungles, as well as fish along quaint shorelines that overlook the breathtaking views of the city.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is actually the third expansion for the franchise, and was originally scheduled for a late 2021 release. However, ArenaNet decided to delay the launch because of real-world challenges. 

As expansion development has progressed and the real-world challenges of the past year and half have changed the way we live and work, it has become clear that we need a little more time to deliver our creative vision for Cantha,” the devs said in a statement. “As a result, we are delaying the release of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons from late 2021 to early 2022.”

Players who decide to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will be getting a Shing Jea Mosaic Cape, a Flame Serpent Weapon Chest, and a Prodigy of Shing Jea title.