Guild Wars 2 Catalyst Is Its Newest Elite Specialization

ArenaNet Introduces The Catalyst, Its Newest Elite Specialization For Its Upcoming Expansion

ArenaNet has been unveiling more content for its upcoming expansion, End of Dragons. End of Dragons is the game’s third instalment. Yesterday, ArenaNet showcased its Bladesworn elite specialization that showcased the character’s ability to equip and wield guns and the ‘gunsaber’ class. Today, the company has unveiled the Catalyst, the new elemental elite specialization.

Catalysts have been able to revitalize ancient techniques to gain power and force, but have implemented some new elements. The Catalyst is able to use Jade tech spheres to create wells of immense power while the augment ability allows them to enhance the range of their effects. Catalysts, using their elemental power and hammers, are genuine forces in the melee combat arena. The trailer showed off quite a few cool fight scenes for the Catalyst, including the might of the hammer and showcased some skills.

Elite Specializations fundamentally changes the way a class can be played. Once players hit level 80, they unlock the ability to use their Elite Specialization which improves their core mechanics and provides access to a new weapons, elite skill, utility skill and healing skill. To utilize Elite Specializations, players must own the expansion and all core skills and specializations must be fully trained.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons launches in February 2022. The game’s third expansion takes players to the Canthan Continent, where they must explore and learn about the area’s history of war and turmoil. The Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of the expansion can be pre-ordered here. Each version comes with its own pre-purchase benefits including capes, chests and special titles as well as gems, max level boosts and more.

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