Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Upcoming Beta Event Is Open To All

ArenaNet Have Announced That Its Upcoming Beta Event Is Open To All Participants

ArenaNet announced its latest upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2, End of Dragons, earlier this year. The Guild Wars franchise has been a staple in the MMO industry and recently, ArenaNet gave fans more confidence as it provided a studio update into development and more. The company noted that the pandemic had its effects, but that they were making some changes at the helm of the company and carefully listening to feedback. Today, ArenaNet announced that there will be a Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons elite specialization beta event from 17th to 21st August.

During the beta event, fans can login to the game to enjoy three brand-new elite specializations. Furthermore, fans don’t need to pre-purchase the expansion, meaning that any player with an account can join the fun. On 17th August, once players login, they will notice three elite specialization beta character slots on their character screen. Players can use these max-level characters to try out their skills, abilities and more.

The limitations on the beta event characters include that they are temporary, their progress will not be saved and that they can play in existing content within Tyria including open world content, World v World, instanced content and more. Fans can take a sneak-peek at the beta characters on Friday as the developers will host a livestream on the official Twitch channel.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, the game’s third expansion, is set to release in February 2022 as the dragon cycle of Tyria is collapsing. With fishing skills, new mounts and more, End of Dragons plans to bring fresh content to the world of Tyria.

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