Aragami 2 Story Trailer Unveiled Ahead Of Its September Release

Lince Works Have Unveiled Aragami 2’s Story Trailer Ahead Of Its Upcoming Release Date

Lince Works, an independent developer, first launch Aragami in 2016 and received funding in 2019 for its sequel. In May, the company, along with its partner GameSeer, announced that it had received funding to pursue the sequel, Aragami 2. Aragami 2 is set to launch on 17th September 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Aragami is a stealth based video game that was well received by fans as it was considered to be fun yet challenging, stylish and great for both hardcore and casual fans alike. Aragami, a vengeful spirit and assassin was tasked with using the shadows and power of the night to attack and defeat enemies, while avoiding detection.

Aragami 2’s story trailer begins by showcasing a fight scene, when Aragami states that his own demise led to his freedom. He retells his past as a slave who was used by the Akatsuchi Clan but he soon found a place he belonged after joining the Kurotsuba Clan. In the sequel, many of Aragami’s people have been enslaved and it is his duty to liberate them. Are you ready to take on the enemy in this ambitious sequel?

Lince Works has promised enhanced and better mechanics in this sequel including a new combat system that requires calculated strategy and skill and more. Aragami 2 can also be experienced along or with friends as a co-operative stealth adventure game. The game will launch with a full campaign, armor and weapon customization, abilities, shadow powers and special equipment.

Aragami 2 is currently available for pre-order on Steam here at 15% off, making the total price USD$29.74.

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