Guild Wars 2 Studio Update Gives Insight Into Development and Content

Expansion, Content and Focused Work

Since its release in 2012, ArenaNet have continued to work on Guild Wars 2, albeit through some ups and downs such as layoffs, however the developers have strived to put out content and recently, the Living World Season 3  was announced to be coming to the game. In the Living World Season 3, most compelling stories of Tyria would be unveiled as players venture through the world following Mordemoth’s defeat. In their ArenaNet Studio Update for July 2021, the Guild Wars 2 team over at ArenaNet mentioned a lot about their plans for the future of Guild Wars 2 team wise and also spoke about the upcoming expansion, End of Dragons.

In terms of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, the team has confirmed that due to the constraints of the pandemic on working conditions, the release will be delayed from late 2021 to early 2022. The team wants to bring the world of Cantha to life and simply needed more time. Besides that, this year, Alliances or World Restructuring is a feature that seeks to balance the World v World experience as it will grant players flexibility in creating new matches as well as address natural fluctuation in the game’s population. The World Restructuring features will be released in a multiphase beta so that players can experience a functional system and provide feedback. The team have also heard the community’s feedback on the game’s optimization and are actively working on upgrading to DirectX 11 which will enhance their options for graphical upgrades in the future.

The team itself also saw some changes as Colin Johanson returned to ArenaNet to co-lead the studio. Johanson, who worked on the franchise for eleven years, was excited for the game’s future and created a new role that focused on leading development strategy so that Guild Wars 2 could receive consistent updates.

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