Guild Wars 2 Devs Tweaked the Battle for the Jade Sea Event

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Devs Added Changes to the Battle for the Jade Sea Meta Event

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons have four new maps. Each of these new locations will have individual appeal and unique events. Fortunately for the franchise’s fans, it would seem that devs decided to tweak the Battle for the Jade Sea Meta event to make sure it will run more smoothly.

Just like any other Meta event, the Battle for the Jade Sea will require players to work together to defeat a boss. This timed event will be both challenging and rewarding. Players will have to ready up the. map by completing a set of events in the North and South of the Dragon’s End map. Afterwards, they can proceed through with various phases once the event is active.

guild wars 2 devs tweaked battle for the jade sea event

As previously mentioned, this event will be challenging. It is new and the various strategies have not yet been perfected. Moreover, it is also hugely popular within the Guild Wars 2 community because it is the only way to unlock the collection for the Siege Turtle.

After devs applied changes to the event, players can begin to work in coordination within their team to capture the green circles. Once this has been accomplished, they can head back to the platform before the phase is noted as complete.

Devs reduced the time required to finish the phase from 120 seconds to 75 seconds. This change gives Guild Wars 2 players an increased boss timer. The seconds will stack on this part of the boss fight.

The duration of the damage buff effect that all players within the green circle is now longer. Everyone who is able to make it back alive and to the top of the boss arena gets this buff.

These new Guild Wars 2 changes indicate that players have more opportunities to deal more damage during the fight. With that said, the strategies for defeating the Meta boss are much easier to run.

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