Forspoken May Be Delayed

This Comes From a Possible Insider Report

Square Enix has a lot on its plate for this year, much less this month. Forspoken is among the many games that fans are looking forward to like Babylon’s Fall, Triangle Strategy, as well as many others.

But strangely enough, we have not heard much about Forspoken. It’s supposed to be coming out in May 2022, but there’s been little as of late in the way of promotion for PlayStation 5 and PC exclusive. And there may be a reason for it. And that reason may not be about focusing on games coming out in March and April.

There may be delays for Forspoken. The Insider Twitter account, AccountNGT, spoke out in a tweet after speaking of how great PlayStation’s games will be this year.  “According to a source, Forspoken is delayed. It could be officially announced at that PlayStation Event (not sure).

That PlayStation Event could mean a State of Play event or a more generalized event. There being a delay may not be a surprise. This could be due to the global situation, or staffing situation, or possibly even due to other situations. But it is true that the last time we saw a reveal of Forspoken was in December 2021, and while the gameplay looked like it would be an exciting game, the graphics did seem to need some improvement.

forspoken new gameplay trailer

Still, there is uncertainty when it comes to the Forspoken game release window, even by the account itself. We may hear more about Forspoken in the upcoming months, especially as other Square Enix games are released. As there has been no confirmation from neither Square Enix nor from PlayStation, much less a confirmation of a State of Play, the only thing we can do is speculate.

But hopefully, we should hear more about Forspoken soon. Stay tuned!