PlayStation State of Play Rumor Teases Big Reveal

Insider Hints at the Major State of Play

State of Play is always something excited to look forward to. There have been some rumors that there will be a big one that will be coming out around the month of March. Nothing has been truly confirmed or denied at this point of what Sony may or may not be doing.

PlayStation State of Play

But, there’s been something that’s been hinted at by a credible source. According to Twitter account @accngt, who has done accurate information drops previously, hinted that there will be the new Sony State of Play soon. Not only that, but it will be a big showcase, compared to other State of Plays, which means we may see a lot of games trailers and news, possibly even for games that will be coming out in Spring of 2022.

This could mean that we will be hearing more words about Sony exclusive games such as God of War: Ragnarok and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or games that are simply published under the Sony banner.

However, while @accngt has been fairly accurate in the past about reveals, and has seemed to be far more information about the Hogwarts Legacy, the information seemed rather scant on the possible State of Play. As well, while there is a possible update of games to be released soon by Sony, Sony itself has yet to comment or verify whether this is true.

Still, if we are to get the State of Play soon, Sony will be sure to release word of where and when it will be, at least on their own blog if not through Twitter or other sources. We may be lucky, and hear that soon, there will be a State of Play for all of us to enjoy.

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