Sony Requests Court to Drop Discrimination Suit

The Suit Is Filed by Former Sony IT Security Analyst

While there hasn’t been much word about lawsuits and discrimination sounds (other than Activision Blizzard’s ongoing lawsuit), there has been one quietly going against Sony. It was first reported in November 2021, by a former PlayStation IT Security Analyst.

ex playstation staff gender bias

According to the first discrimination lawsuit, Emma Majo, now former Security Analyst for the company was fired after complaining about a gender-biased work environment. And now, Sony is pushing back. Sony Interactive Entertainment (Also known as SIE), which Majo is filing the suit against, released a statement in court.

Despite the sweeping breadth of her lawsuit, the allegations in which SIE categorically denies, she fails to plead facts to support either her individual claims or the claims of the broad-based classes of women she seeks to represent,” wrote the company lawyer. For each of Majo’s statements, the lawyers attempted to take down each and every one of Majo’s arguments with counterarguments.

According to Majo’s statement that women were paid less, ignored by male superiors, and passed over promotions due to gender. SIE lawyers say though that Majo’s statement “fails to identify a single policy, practice or procedure at SIE that allegedly formed the basis of any widespread intentional discrimination or had a discriminatory impact on women.” as well  that “widespread claims of harassment are based solely on unactionable allegations of run-of-the-mill personnel activity.

Sony lawyers further say that there will be a conflict of interest, on the basis that Majo’s managers since 2017 have been women, and would be also included in the suit. This would be conflicting since the harassment would mean that they would be sued- but the class action lawsuit is supposed to include all gender discrimination against women in the Sony workplace.

There has been no word as of yet whether the Judge will dismiss the claim or the suit as of yet, but this will be an interesting case to follow. Stay tuned.