Diablo Immortal Confirms Release Plans

Game Director Wyatt Cheng Talks About How Diablo Immortal Development

Diablo has been a much-loved series by fans. And Diablo Immortal, which is the latest of the Diablo in the series, has been delayed from the projected release date, into 2022.

We have known that Diablo Immortal has been in closed beta tests in the past few months, and Blizzard has confirmed this. They’ve used this time to go through all of the beta testing and feedback, and have listed ways that they will (and have) improved on playing when it comes to raids, making clans, and various other improvements in a recent blog post.

Wyatt Cheng, the Game Director of Diablo Immortal, has assured players that the game will be still coming out in 2022- so no delays there, much to everyone’s relief. So that is something that we can be at least assured of. However, what month this game will be coming for all player usage has been scant- making it currently anyone’s guess as to when the game will be coming out.

There are other items that are covered in the Diablo blog post. For one, Cheng stated that there is the hope to release one new Helliquary boss every month- though not saying when it would start, or if they were would be an end date. But because of the slow start, what is supposed to be an eight-person raid has various level difficulties for the boss raid. However, it has been noted that there is a big leap of difficulty between the two raid bosses, Lassal and Vitaath and that it should be possible to do matchmaking and have other raid match-making tools.

There was also talk of the Battle Pass and other purchases, controller support, Warband creation, and support, with many promises to improve various features for the future. If you can’t wait to hear more about Diablo Immortal, stay tuned- we’ll be keeping a close eye on Diablo Immortal!