Diablo 4: A Comprehensive Guide to Governing and Tuning Stones

Elevate Your Diablo 4 Combat Skills with Enhanced Attacks

In the ever-evolving world of Diablo 4, Season 3 brings forth a formidable addition—the Seneschal companion. This compact robotic ally serves as a powerful sidekick, unleashing devastating attacks to aid you in the intense battles that unfold. To harness the full potential of the Seneschal and unlock specific attacks, players need to equip it with Governing and Tuning Stones. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of these stones, offering insights on where to acquire them and providing a detailed list of every Governing and Tuning Stone available in Season 3.

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Finding Governing and Tuning Stones in Diablo 4

Acquiring Governing and Tuning Stones involves various approaches, with one significant avenue being the completion of Arcane Tremor events. Engaging in these events rewards players with either a Governing or Tuning Stone upon successful completion. To undertake an Arcane Tremor, players must close Voltaic Obelisks and gather Elemental Stones. These, combined with Shattered Stones obtained by defeating Construct enemies, are used to summon a Herald of Malphas at a Voltaic Brazier. Eliminating the Herald yields a rewarding Governing or Tuning Stone. Additionally, the Shattered Stones collected during these events can be utilized to craft Governing or Tuning Stones at a Jeweler’s shop in Diablo 4.

For those seeking additional Shattered Stones, completing Vaults across Sanctuary proves to be a lucrative option. Vaults house Construct enemies that drop these stones, making it easier to farm them efficiently. Completing a Vault also guarantees the acquisition of one Tuning Stone.

Another avenue to earn Governing and Tuning Stones is by simply completing quests in Season 3. The rewards for completing quests often include caches containing these valuable stones. Moreover, quest completion contributes to gaining XP, allowing players to level up both their character and the Seneschal companion. As the Seneschal scales with the character’s level, this presents an added advantage in enhancing both strength and effectiveness.

All Governing and Tuning Stones in Season 3

Now equipped with the knowledge of obtaining Governing and Tuning Stones, players can explore the extensive list of available stones in Season 3. With a total of 12 Governing Stones and 25 Tuning Stones, each offering unique enhancements, players can tailor their combat strategy to suit their preferred playstyle. Additionally, there are two Uber Tuning Stones, with one potentially dropping as loot from the Echo of Malphas.

Governing Stones – Unleashing Diverse Attacks:

  1. Autodefense
  2. Bushwhack
  3. Firefly
  4. Focus Fire
  5. Gyrate
  6. Impale
  7. Lightning Bolt
  8. Protect
  9. Reconstruct
  10. Slash
  11. Tempest
  12. Flash of Adrenaline

Tuning Stones – Enhancing Skills for Maximum Impact:

  1. Voluminous Support
  2. Swift Support
  3. Breaking Support
  4. Tactical Support
  5. Efficiency Support
  6. Devastation Support
  7. Safeguard Support
  8. Frigid Support
  9. Burning Support
  10. Electrocution Support
  11. Bleeding Support
  12. Poison Support
  13. Dusk Support
  14. Duration Support
  15. Fortify Support
  16. Resource Support
  17. Initiative Support
  18. Arcing Support
  19. Multishot Support
  20. Piercing Support
  21. Gripping Support
  22. Registered Damage Support
  23. Seeking Support
  24. Slowing Support
  25. Mockery Support

Armed with this comprehensive guide, players can navigate the intricate world of Diablo 4 Season 3, optimizing their Seneschal’s capabilities for an unparalleled gaming experience. Elevate your combat prowess, experiment with diverse strategies, and conquer the challenges that await in Sanctuary. May the power of the Seneschal and the mastery of Governing and Tuning Stones guide you to victory!