New World’s March Update Will Introduce A New Expedition and Weapon

New World’s March Update Will Introduce A New Expedition and Weapon

Amazon Games is a part of Amazon’s conglomerate that has worked on two major titles thus far, New World and Lost Ark Online. While Lost Ark Online, which recently released, saw great success, New World has unfortunately hit some bumps. However, the developers are continuing to release content and updates for the game. Today, Amazon Games has unveiled some of the content coming to the March update in New World, which includes a new expedition and more. New World is an MMORPG that is currently available on PC.

new world expedition mutators better rewards

The biggest content in the upcoming update is the Tempest’s Heart expedition, which is available for players level 60 and above. The Mykgard Expedition brings an end to Isabella’s story as players head back to Shattered Mountain. Players must venture into a corrupted dimension of reality through the city of Mykgard. The expedition is recommended for players with 550 Gearscore who have attained Level 60.

Additionally, the blunderbuss finally arrives. The ranged weapon is mobile with great damage at close to mid range. It’s the perfect build for mages or bruisers and there are two trees available, Containment and Chaos. Additionally, players can check out the Legendary Weapon Quest series from Wang Tang Zhi.

Besides the weapon and expedition, the developers have sought to make balance changes and bug fixes. The team will provide more updates on the PTR including areas of feedback and much more as March approaches.

Players should note that New World’s Public Test Realm will officially open on March 3rd at 10A.M. PST.

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SOURCE: Press Release