Foretales, Narrative Deck-Builder, Showing It’s Hand With Reveal

It’s In the Cards

There are a lot of ways to tell a story. Especially in video games. In this instance, one could say the narrative is written in the cards. Today Indie Developer Alkemi revealed it’s upcoming narrative deck-building game, Foretales. Alongside the announcement of the game Alkemi also says the game is coming Summer of 2022. In addition to the reveals is an announcement trailer that gives players a glimpse of the game and its narrative style. 

Foretales places players in a world doomed to a prophecy. Players take on the role of Volepain, a small time thief with a big job ahead. The game allows you to experience a branching narrative, as Volepain, where you need to choose the best paths for you and your anthropomorphic friends.

The story adapts to what you choose, with multiple endings, and above all is told through cards. Of course, Foretales is a card game that boasts a unique art style and narrative choice told through the laying out of cards. The player can collect character cards, each with unique abilities. Additionally, the game allows for player freedom when approaching a scenario. Will you use stealth, charm, trade, or turn-based card combat to decide the outcome?

In addition to the announcement, Alkemi released an announcement trailer. The trailer gives players a first look at the game’s narrative and art style. Furthermore, the trailer shows off how the cards interact on a table, in a board game type manner, to tell the story and provide action. 

Foretales is releasing sometime this Summer, 2022. The game is coming to PC, Via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. Additionally, for those Critical Role fans out there, the narration is done by none other than Travis Willingham. Are you ready to take on this animal, card game, adventure?