Legends of Runeterra Shows Off New “Path of Champions” Gamemode

Forge a Path to Victory!

Legends of Runeterra may have a PvP focus, but the game’s had a history with offering PvE options – and today will be no different. While Lab of Legends saw plenty of success, the release of Path of Legends proves that Riot Games is willing to expand their focus on PvE content and continue to supply their playerbase with new ways to play their CCG solo.

Path of Champions is a PvE gamemode, taking players on a journey through seven (or more!) tales – each one focusing on a different character. As of now, Nautilus, Jinx, Ezreal, Lulu, Gangplank and Zed have been revealed as playable characters, with more to come in the future. While the reveal trailer showcases Jinx’s story (part of an ongoing crossover celebration event, advertising the release of Arcane – a League of Legends TV show), Vi and Caitlyn also play a vital role – and it’s likely that each story will have its own cast of characters for the player to enjoy. So if you’d like to see your favorite champion get a spotlight, you might be in luck! Each character comes complete with voice acting, with some branching paths depending on player choices.

In the past, Legends of Runterra’s PvE modes have focused on card modification, giving the player more options as they played through each adventure. Path of Champions takes things in a more RPG-esque direction, allowing the player to upgrade their chosen hero. Unlocking new items and item slots over time.

It’s likely that more information on this mode will come in tomorrow. The League of Legends Youtube page has a video set to premier at 12pm EST / 9am PST – this, as the title claims, will be a “deep-dive” into a whole other champion: Jayce. According the video’s description, also we’ll be seeing two of the game’s designers, Mel and Xian. If previous developer features are any indication, this video will be no simple trailer – so when they describe everything Jayce can do, they’ll likely cover broader details of the gamemode as well.