Amazon Prime Gaming And Riot Games Enter Into Detailed Partnership

Amazon Prime Gaming And Riot Games Enter Into Detailed Partnership

Amazon Prime Gaming falls under Amazon Prime and offers gamers a home, with various monthly benefits for a subscription including free subscriptions for Twitch channels, exclusive in-game loot, free games and everything included with Amazon Prime. Riot Games is a popular video game developer with a ton of titles under its belt including League of Legends, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra. The two companies have announced a partnership that goes beyond their previous relations, and will now expand into Amazon playing a role across all of Riot’s games. The deal is mutually beneficial and a great step for Riot Games.

Riot Games

Amazon Prime subscribers will receive benefits across Riot’s titles such as League of Legends, Wild Rift, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra. Furthermore, Prime Gaming will sponsor Riot’s eSports events including League of Legends’ competitions in North America and EMEA regions.

Sylvia Ko, Corporate Business Development Leader for Riot Games, stated, “Since the beginning of our collaboration with Prime Gaming for League in 2018, we’ve teamed up to give away tens of millions of Skins, Skin Shards, and more. As we launched new games, Prime Gaming grew with us to deliver in-game content for players across our new titles…Now, in Prime Gaming we have a partner that shares our focus in making it better to be a player, not only through games, but also through broader entertainment experiences players would want to engage in, including Arcane and our esports.”

Larry Plotnick, GM of Prime Gaming, stated, “We’ve been working with Riot for a while now, but this collaboration raises the value bar for customers to ensure Riot’s games are even better with Amazon Prime. We’re looking forward to featuring additional content for Prime Gaming members in the coming months.” 

Prime members will have a ton of content to claim across Riot’s Games such as skins, emotes and much more. Members should visit here to check out their rewards.

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