New Details Revealed About Upcoming Game Horizon: Forbidden West

Here’s What We Know About Horizon: Forbidden West

We’ve known about Horizon: Forbidden West being in the works for a while. This sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn has been highly anticipated, by previous players and fans. While we have not heard any confirmation or denial about the possibility of a multi-player in this update, we do get more details, and clips, about the enemies that Aloy faces in her journey, as released today on the Sony blog.

Guerrilla’s staff has been very excited to reveal the various robotic creatures that Aloy will find in her journey. With over twenty-five new types, it’s little wonder that the teams working on the game are very excited about the various creations that can be found within Horizon: Forbidden West. There has been thought and logic that has been put into each new creation, much like the first iteration, and it shows. None of these creatures were simply put there just because it’d be cool. They all have their role within the world, which offers depth and far more interest because of it. “We’re expanding this catalog further with Horizon Forbidden West.” Principal Machine Designer Blake Politeski said as part of the Guerrilla post “We always want to make sure the machines are connected, and that they serve a greater purpose; so the whole machine (eco-)system is in harmony – just like in the real world.”

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With this in mind, they have created machines such as the Sunwing, which may seem like a slightly larger Glinthawk, but has the ability to collect solar power in its wings. There are also Clawstriders that can be overridden and turned into a mount for Aloy to use, and what has been agreed to be one of the most formidable enemies in the game, the Tremortusk. Tremortusks, designed after both mammoths and the concept of war elephants, are big, and slow, but they also have a flame thrower trunk. With this in mind, the designer and art team agree that this enemy in particular needs time to prepare for if Aloy is to defeat it soundly- or at least ensure she survives. It would be a bad way to go if Aloy were to be trampled to death by this machine.

There have also been indications of aquatic creatures (where Aloy can swim and observe) more mount choices, and machines that will be moving around the world by themselves, or overridden by enemy factions. Some of these have names such as Stormbird, Shellsnapper, and Burrowers, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Horizon: Forbidden West. Since the machines can climb, jump, dive, and have various other tactics to deal with Aloy, she in turn has various ways to fight against the machine, including using her environment. Dust clouds created by other machines can be used as cover, ambush, etc, and there is also the possibility of laying traps to ensnare machines. The game was created in mind that there is always more than one way to solve a problem, in any given situation, meaning it can be a unique experience for each run through. And that, in turn, ensures better playability. Horizon: Forbidden West looks like a game that’s worth checking out once it’s released.

Horizon: Forbidden West can currently be pre-ordered for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.