Here’s What We Know About the Xbox Anniversary Celebration

This is what we know for the Xbox 20th anniversary stream

Xbox is celebrating its twentieth anniversary on November 15th. Xbox has been releasing all sorts of goodies in celebration, including, funny enough, Xbox shoes. But they’re not stopping with shoes. Xbox is going to be streaming on November 15th, 10:00 a.m. PT,  1:00 p.m. ET  and 6:00 p.m. GMT. The broadcast will be on the Xbox channel for YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, with subtitles in German, French, BR Portuguese, LATAM Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Castilian Spanish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese (EU), Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. They advise, however, the best way to get the broadcast in your preferred subtitle language is by checking in on YouTube and hitting the Gear icon in the lower right-hand corner. Xbox is also offering accessibility options, again on the YouTube channel, with American Sign Language (ASL) and Audio Descriptions (AD).

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They’re also encouraging co-streamers, but advising the usual of abiding by the terms of service and not to use copyrighted music, as that may mean they’ll be dinged by bots which could, at best, mute streamers audio during the stream.

As for what’s being covered during the celebration broadcast, Xbox has revealed that they will be going over their favorite moments in their twenty years, and what they’re hoping to accomplish for the next twenty. It is a little vague on the details, likely to entice viewers to pop in, but if we go back to the 15th anniversary as a template, there’s likely to be mentions of Halo, Forza Motorsport, among other classics. It may be possible that they will cover what will be coming out in 2022, as well as other possible projects, but we will have to see what is revealed.

Xbox has promised Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold members that they will have an update in their profile badges, where they can celebrate how long they’ve been on the system. But, most importantly, there is a possibility to win something during the broadcast, as they are doing a Giveaway at the same time- but you must be a registered Xbox FanFest fan in order to win. They didn’t cover what would be given away, but at best guess, it may be an Xbox Game Pass, or something similar. They also have a Trivia event to celebrate on November 13, but again, fans must be registered as Xbox FanFest fans, and opt-in by November 9, by midnight PT.

Are you going to watch the stream? Hoping to win at the Giveaway? Let us know in the comments below!