New Horizon Multiplayer Game May Be in the Works

Horizon Forbidden West Devs Could Be Working on a New Multiplayer Game

Guerrilla Games, the team behind Horizon Forbidden West, has been spotted to be staffing up for another online games. Their recent job listing has sparked speculations that a new Horizon multiplayer could be in development.

As seen on the studio’s official website, they are looking for a Senior Social Systems Designer “with a passion for player communities and social features” and who can “explore creative ways players can connect with others in-game.” Once hired, the new addition to the Guerrilla team can expect to “engage players in social interactions to create lasting relationships, and where compatible players can create Guild-like groups to explore together.

horizon forbidden west multiplayer

You will work within a core team of multiple designers focused on social systems and player engagements and take charge to ensure quality feature delivery,” the devs added to the job listing.

Horizon Forbidden West has already been confirmed to be a single player title, and is now very close to its official launch. With that said, fans of the franchise believe that it is highly unlikely that Guerrilla is looking to add a multiplayer mode to the game. However, it must be noted that it is still possible for the game to have a multiplayer mode post-launch, just like in Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima.

The recent job ads from Guerrilla has fueled rumors that they could be working on a new Horizon series spinoff that is focused on multiplayer gameplay. Such project is expected to work well, considering that the franchise has a very interesting setting and backstory.

The Horizon devs are also looking for a new Senior Game Writer, which may or may not be related to the same project. They are looking for someone with “extensive knowledge of stories and narrative design in open world RPG games, online games, and MMORPGs” for creating “mission, quest writing, and narrative design.”

Although there is no confirmation if these job listings are, indeed, meant for the studio’s flagship Horizon franchise, the gaming community is well aware of the studio’s plans to expand Horizon into the multiplayer genre.