The Last Sunshine: Rekindled, Roguelike, Brings the Light to PC

The Heat Death is Here 

Sometimes you just need to feel like a star. Or, actually be one. Four Eyes Productions’ shoot em’ up roguelike, The Last Sunshine: Rekindled, is out now for PC. An adventure at the heat death of the universe awaits players as they blast the darkness away. The game includes many features of traditional roguelikes but distinguishes itself with setting and background. 

The Last Sunshine: Rekindled allows players to take on the role of some of the last stars in the universe. As the heat death of the universe occurs and darkness begins to consume everything, it’s up to the last stars to keep the darkness at bay and blast it away. The game is a shoot em’ up roguelike that allows for varying styles of play. Of course, this means that each playthrough of the game will be different depending on upgrades, character selection and more. During each run you will explore three different, and unique, biomes that will each pose their own challenges. Additionally, a large skill tree will allow players to diversify the way they play. As you play you will collect stardust and nebulous fragments to increase your stats and unlock new abilities. 

A trailer, that came out last month, gives players a glimpse of the gameplay and art style. It shows off the combat, as well as the environments you will enter. The entire time trying not to have your last light snuffed out by the darkness. 


The Last Sunshine: Rekindled is out now for PC, via Steam. Currently the game costs $10.34. Can you shine bright enough to stop the darkness?