Microsoft Announces, Cloud Game Development, ID@Azure Program

Cloud Game Development

For the past few years workplaces of all kinds have been remote. Game development is no exception. Remote work has, and is, fundamentally changing how games are developing. Today, Microsoft is unveiling its newest answer to remote game development in the form of an extensive program made to empower developers using the cloud. The program, ID@Azure, contains free tools resources, and support to begin cloud game development regardless of the platform of choice. 

The ID@Azure program is aiming to assist and empower independent developers using the cloud to make games. The program takes on some of the challenges of cloud development and seeks to simplify them. For instance ID@Azure tackles the barrier of cost, as well as the speed of development, by providing this program for free while including the services that come with Azure and PlayFab. Furthermore, members of the program will have access to the Azure Education Portal where resources, like guides, are available. 

Alongside the reveal of the ID@Azure program, Microsoft Azure is also announcing the Azure Game Development Virtual Machine (AGDVM). The AGDVM looks to simplify developers transition to the cloud. The machine is full of pre-installed game development tools. Basically, the AGDVM quickly allows developers to create a functioning workstation while saving hours worth of download times. According to a blog post the end goal of the AGDVM is to create and round out a development workflow in the cloud. 

The launch of ID@Azure and the AGDVM aims to bring new opportunities for independent and remote developers. In addition to the launch of both, Microsoft is committing to delivering 27 technical talks and 9 demos on a range of topics at the Game Developers Conference 2022 this week.  What kinds of games are you hoping to see come out of the ID@Azure program and the AGDVM tools?