Silent Hill’s Website URL Expired Thanks to Konami And a Sneaky Fan Bought It

Silent Hill Fans Snatches the Site URL to Play a Bit of a Wacky Prank In a bygone era, it was the official website for one of the most beloved horror game franchises of all time. Unfortunately, that era was ruled by Konami. Ever since the game’s most recent installment (in 2012, by the way), it’s been almost entirely dormant. Konami’s priorities have shifted, and not in Silent Hill’s favor. There were whispers of a revival back when the internet was is awe of the enigmatic PT, but those plans were cancelled. The main developers behind it severed their ties to Konami, and they’re not exactly on good terms.

In their ignorance, Konami accidentally let the Silent Hill website URL slip from their fingers. Someone else leapt at the chance.

If you’ve already clicked that link atop this article, you’ll know what awaits you on the site. For those that haven’t, it’s something that Konami probably wouldn’t be too happy about. And for both groups, wondering if the thing is real:

It’s real. It’s a message from the designer responsible for Silent Hill’s most iconic monster, lamenting how Konami continues to use it (explained in the replies below).

In the grand scheme, this is just a symptom of a much larger problem for Konami. But on a smaller scale… come on, you have to admit that this is kinda funny. Konami’s become a bit of an internet punching bag over the last little while, and it’s a portrayal they’re not really attempting to shed. This isn’t the first time Konami’s been the butt of a joke like this, and you can bet that it won’t be the last.