Sea of Thieves: Shrouded Islands Is Available Today Until March 3rd

Sea of Thieves’ First Adventure Expansion Shrouded Islands Kicks Off Today

Sea of Thieves’ first Adventure expansion, Shrouded Islands, just kicked off today. Developer Rare has revealed that it will only be available for the gaming public starting today until March 3rd. 

The first Adventure will be three chapters long. As expected, the expansion will expand the pirate game’s back story. Fortunately for fans, Sea of Thieves: Shrouded Islands will be free as part of an update that will take up 6GB to 9GB of space, depending on the platform being used.

sea of thieves shrouded islands available today until march 3rd

Each of the Adventures will be available for player every month for two weeks. Sea of Thieves: Shrouded Islands will have players starting their journey from the Golden Sands Outpost. They will have to navigate their way through abandoned islands engulfed in some sort of “ethereal mist.

As they explore the world of Sea of Thieves: Shrouded Islands, they will have to join battles, uncover secrets, and earn new rewards.

As Shrouded Islands opens, a new threat encroaching upon Golden Sands Outpost, the sudden disappearance of Captain Flameheart from the skies, and reported sightings of the mysterious Belle have caused a hubbub on the Sea of Thieves,” the game’s description read. “Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats, keeping a watchful eye on these strange events.”

Whenever you are looking to venture forth on an Adventure, Larinna should have a lead to help you get started and will even beckon you over if you approach the tavern,” the description continued.

Players who somehow miss out on any of the Sea of Thieves Adventures need not to worry. They will all get a story recap. This suggests that no one will have trouble catching up. The recap is necessary before they dive deeper into the story of the game’s next Adventure.

Years after its original release, the Sea of Thieves series is still doing big numbers for Microsoft. Based on the company’s latest count, it now has about 25 million players.

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