Sea of Thieves Collabs With Borderlands in Making Mayhem Event

Sea of Thieves Can Complete Their Borderlands Mayhem Ship for a Limited Time

Sea of Thieves, as confirmed in the recent Xbox Gamescom 2021 presentation, will be collaborating with Borderlands. There is a special Mayhem ship set that all players will be able to obtain for a limited time.

This pirate ship is inspired by Gearbox Software’s hit action RPG FPS as a whole, and can also be customized with Borderlands’ signature ketchup and mustard colour scheme and logo. Fans of the Sea of Thieves game who have just wrapped up their time with its Pirates of the Caribbean story expansion, now have something else to spend their time on.

sea of thieves borderlands

Sea of Thieves’ Making Mayhem event—as the name suggests—will be all about causing mayhem out on the waves, challenging its players to earn Favour with the Bilge Rats by finishing a variety of activities, each of which can be completed by making certain things explode.

To take part in the Sea of Thieves and Borderlands collaboration event, players will have to go through Larinna at any outpost from today up to September 7th. For Minor Mayhem challenges, players will have to kill sharks with the use of gunpowder barrels, or killing skeletons with firebombs. Major Mayhem challenges, on the other hand, will ask them complete bigger tasks, such as running through a Tall Tale, or looting all of the gold piles that can be found in a treasure vault.

The completion of these tasks will help the players earn the favour of the Bilge Rats. With that said, reaching a certain level of Favour will give them all the parts that they need to construct the Borderlands-themed Mayhem ship set—complete with the trademark red and yellow colours, the Borderlands logo, and a Claptrap figurehead.

The Sea of Thieves and Borderlands event is now underway and will finish by the 7th of September. Players who are interested in giving it a try can check out further information about this special collaboration in-game and also through the Event Hub website.