Sea of Thieves Season 5 Will Let Players Bury Their Treasure

New Sea of Thieves Season 5 Trailer Teases Ability to Bury Treasure

Sea of Thieves Season 5 just got its latest teaser trailer. Taking a look at the game’s newest video, it looks like its players will now be able to bury their haul and come back for it.

The video was posted on the official social media account of Sea of Thieves. It starts with a camera panning past an in-game character who is on a pirate ship. As the camera comes closer to the shoreline, the video starts to show another scene. Now, there is a pirate covering up what looks like a Captain’s Chest. The pirate is trying to completely bury the chest under the sand. “Maybe we can teach old sea dogs new tricks,” the devs wrote.

sea of thieves season 5 bury treasure

Unfortunately, Sea of Thieves devs did not give a lot of information about this new mechanic. Still, the introduction of this in-game ability has so many implications. Sea of Thieves players can now hide their treasure so they can escape quickly. After all, they can always come back for their treasure later. One thing that fans of the franchise would like to know is whether or not they are going to get a map in their inventory for finding the hiding spot at a later time.

Sea of Thieves players can also steal and hide the treasure owned by the other pirates. At the moment, fans do not know if there is a way for hostile players to acquire a pirate’s treasure map and dig up their buried loot.

The ability to bury treasure is one of the newest things that Rare added to Sea of Thieves. Just a couple of days ago, there was also news about the game having crane elevators as part of its Season 5. “Ladders are so passe,” the devs wrote, with a video showing a pirate operating what looks like a crane elevator.