Sea of Thieves Official Trailer Announces Season 4 Content Today

Massive Underwater Content To Drop In Three Days

The Sea of Thieves Season Four: Official Content Update Trailer dropped today, announcing a boatload of underwater locations, new enemies, and Coral loot for the game.  With the new update, a massive underwater location, the Sunken Kingdom, will be added for players to explore and of course, plunder for treasure.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life

According to the trailer, the Sunken Kingdom is a vast underwater area to explore and loot.  This new region will contain six siren shrines, which will each pose unique challenges to the player as well as loot to attain.  The new enemies in the way of more loot are Sirens and their Ocean Crawler army.  As the trailer mentions each Siren Shrine bringing on an “onslaught of enemies” to fight, the encounters seem to be more of a “survive the enemy waves” type of battle.

If you wish to bring treasure to your ship safely, you can find sunken merfolk statues underwater, which will allow you to return any treasure to your ship once you collect them from merfolk on the surface.  You can find the general location of treasures and shrines on your map, while you can use your spyglass to spot mystical glimmers above the waves for a more precise location.  In addition, coral-encrusted message bottles will be added to the game, allowing players to take new voyages to gain the valuable treasure “the Breath of the Sea.”

Finally, there’s a ton of new loot to collect, as well as 100 new levels to upgrade your pirate.  The Season 4 Update will drop on September 23rd.

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