Skull and Bones Developer Livestream Shows Off Gameplay and More

Skull and Bones Developer Livestream Shows Off Gameplay and More

Ubisoft has been working on its pirate and exploration based game, Skull and Bones, for some time. Unfortunately, recently, the company announced that the game’s release date would be delayed. This resulted in a lot of questions and concerns from fans. The developers then hosted a livestream showing off different aspects of the game and giving fans an update on the game’s status through its lengthy development.

The developer livestream, also called The Deck, took players on a journey through forty minutes of the latest gameplay available by the team. Furthermore, prior to delving into the finer details, the company unveiled a short trailer for the game. Thereafter, Alexis Cretton, Senior Community Developer, and Joel Janisse, Narrative Director, jumped head first into the game. They proceeded to cover several aspects of the game throughout the footage including land and sea exploration and dialogue.

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In the game, players jump into a dangerous world where they must rise from an outcast to a famous pirate. Moreover, players will be able to create a fleet and build an empire while conquering challenges, defeating other fleets and ruling the seas. The developers have also worked on a detail and unique story. Additionally, players will be able to navigate across the globe from the Coast of Africa to East Indies and dominate the Indian Ocean. Despite the constant delays for the game, Skull and Bones may be worthwhile.

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