Resident Evil First Aid Drink Available From Game Flavor

Rich in Red and Green Herbs

There are a ton of iconic healing items throughout gaming history. There are roasted turkeys, red potions, and anatomically incorrect hearts. Resident Evil has its own iconic item; the First Aid Spray. Who knew a can of Fabreze would make you feel so good?

Game Flavor is a beverage retailer that sells drinks inspired by video games. They previously partnered with Nintendo for an Animal Crossing drink, and now they are doing the same with Capcom and Resident Evil. Obviously, a First Aid Spray isn’t a refreshing beverage, so they are selling a First Aid Drink.

Resident Evil

If you want the First Aid Drink, you kind of have to commit to it. You can’t just buy individual cans. You have to buy a whole case, which is designed like a storage box from a Resident Evil game.

Each case comes with ten cucumber-lime-mint Frist Aid Drinks, as well as one spray can lid. They also contain four Ink Ribbons, which are actually containers for tea flavors. These flavors are Butterfly Pea Tea, Green Matcha, Turmeric, and Red Beet. There are only 4750 cases being made, so they each come with certificates of authenticity.

I don’t know if you’ve tried cucumber-lime drinks, but they are… well, they are an acquired taste. You’re buying these for the novelty, after all. At least they aren’t the Resident Evil colognes. Each case sells for €199.00 or around $215 USD. If you order now, they will ship in Q3 2023.

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