Action Adventure Shoulders of Giants Will Release In Late January

Action Adventure Shoulders of Giants Will Release In Late January

Moving Pieces Interactive is a small indie company based in New York. The company makes games with stunning visuals and hidden depth and have worked on Dodo Peaks in the past. The company announced that their upcoming title, Shoulders of Giants, will release on PC via Epic Games Store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on January 26th. Upon release, the game will be priced at $19.99USD however the developers are offering the game for $15.99USD as a pre-order discount. The game is described as a roguelike, action adventure game.

In the game’s release date trailer, viewers get a great look at various aspects of the game including its graphics, gameplay and a background into its story. In Shoulders of Giants, the forces of Entropy have spread chaos across the living planets and the universe. As a result, a team of scrappy space survivors, led by a psychic owl, must fight to restore balance. Furthermore, players will be able to enjoy the game solo or with their friends as they explore and shoot their way through hordes of enemies.

Moreover, due to the game’s roguelike elements, players can explore, grow and learn the game across various randomized levels. Additionally, the game offers a wide variety of loot including grappling hooks, grenades and pick-ups that allow for a unique playstyle and more. Shoulders of Giants seems to be a great indie title for friends!

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