Disgaea Developers to Announce New Strategy RPG At Tokyo Game Show

Nippon Ichi Software To Reveal SRPG In A Week

Nippon Ichi Software, the developers and publishers of the over the top strategy RPG Disgaea series, will showcase a new strategy RPG at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, as confirmed by the Tokyo Game Show program.  This is especially exciting, given that Nippon Ichi Software is most famous for their Disgaea series, which recently hit 5 million sales worldwide with much fanfare.  The Disgaea series is an over the top, turn based grid strategy game full of anime humor and powers.  Nippon Ichi Software have also released many of SRPGs, such as Phantom Brave and the Mari Kingdom series.

disgaea 6 top screen

The exact showcase description roughly translates to “Nippon Ichi Software – New simulation RPG announced,” with no further details.  In Japan, tactical RPG’s are shortened to simulation RPGs as an abbreviation for “strategy simulation RPG.”  As Nippon Ichi Software recently released Disgaea 6 earlier this year in January, it is unlikely that the new RPG will be a sequel to Disgaea.  Instead, the new game could very well be a Disgaea spinoff, as was the case with the 2006 Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome.  However, as this game was the last tactical RPG Disgaea spinoff to be released, a Disgaea spinoff is also extremely unlikely.

In other Tokyo Game Show news, Sega’s mysterious new RPG which made waves a few days ago turned out to be a mobile game, as shown by this teaser.  This was disappointing news for many JRPG fans, given that there was a big possibility for the news to be related to Persona, which is undergoing its 25th anniversary celebrations at the moment.

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